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SBHA HomeChoice

SBHA HomeChoice is a “Choice Based Lettings” scheme which offers people who want to rent a property more choice over the type of home and area they live in.


Properties available for rent are advertised on a weekly basis online, in the Southern Reporter, Hawick Paper and in our SBHA offices.

Once you have registered you can bid for up to 5 properties per week.

Property adverts are available from 12 noon every Monday.

You can bid for properties at any time of day up to the advertised closing time, either on the Homechoice website or by calling 0845 873 6464 to use the automated bidding service. Bids received by both these routes are instantly recorded.

More properties are also advertised on Gumtree and on Moving Soon.

You can like us on Facebook to receive updates on new and featured properties.

Please note, viewing of advertised properties is not permitted without prior arrangement with SBHA
Immediate Lets can be found on our Facebook page


To register CLICK HERE, contact us to request a form be sent to you or call us on 01750 724444


What’s going on at your local area office?

See below for a handy guide to what’s on when at our area offices in Hawick and Galashiels.

To book an appointment call our solutions team on 01750 724444


If you or a member of your household’s health is affected by your present housing situation, you can complete a Health Assessment form to submit with your housing application. You can download the form here or contact any SBHA Office and request a form be sent to you.


Want to move home? Mutual exchange might be the answer Mutual exchange is where a tenant effectively ‘swaps’ homes by finding another tenant who wants to exchange properties.

Swapping with another tenant

The tenant you swap with can be from another housing association or local authority home anywhere in the UK. But both landlords need to give their permission for the move to go ahead. You can try to arrange a mutual exchange through a variety of ways including word of mouth, advertising in newspapers or postcards in shop windows. Mutual Exchange is especially useful for tenants who: – Are interested in moving to a new area – Want to find a more suitable home – Need a smaller or larger home – Want to avoid a lengthy wait for a transfer – Would like to be able to inspect the other property thoroughly. All tenants have a legal right to ask for a mutual exchange and we will not unreasonably refuse permission. However, there are some reasons why you may not be able to exchange.


To make it easier for you we have joined HomeSwapper, the UK’s biggest online mutual exchange scheme. HomeSwapper can be used to help you find an exchange in the Borders or anywhere else in the UK and is now free for all SBHA tenants to use.


website: cohortsbydesign